HR Corner-Personnel Records with Joanna Forbes

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HR Corner

The HR Corner is a series of live webinars designed to address pressing issues facing employers during this unprecedented time as well as for general use and information,

Family & Medical Leave Act

Workplace Investigation

Performance Evaluations

Policies You Need in the Employee Handbook

Performance Management

New Hire Paperwork

Writing Job Ads

Labor Posters

Independent Contractors VS. Employees

Personnel Records


Ask the Expert


The Ask the Expert Series is a series of live webinars and individual training sessions made available to you here. 

Personal Productivity

Intellectual Property Law


Building Media Relations

QuickBooks DESKTOP Expert - Part I

QuickBooks DESKTOP Expert - Part II

QuickBooks ONLINE Expert - Part I

QuickBooks ONLINE Expert - Part II

QuickBooks ONLINE Expert - Part III

QuickBooks ONLINE Beginner - Part I

QuickBooks ONLINE Beginner - Part II

QuickBooks ONLINE Beginner - Part III

Leadership Success Within Challenging Times

Keep Calm and Keep Inventing - Patents & Trademarks

Disaster Planning

Facebook Makeover

Managing Your Human Resources
Through Covid-19 and Beyond

Goals & Target Marketing

To Be or Not To Be Marketing in COVID-19

Food Service & Restaurant Business Restart